PRO9920 – Cedar Loghouse Shed 8 by 8 by 10 foot high



This is a model of a full sized solid cedar log cabin shed with metal roof. We can build any size you need, install as many windows as you need and install any and all insulation you may need. We can build this shed to your specifications including making it into a dog or cat house for much less. Please call us at +1 (416) 771-4879 with any questions.


8′ x 8′ x 10′


We can finish this shed with your preferred stain and coating for an additional charge. We can also install windows or anything you’d like to suit your needs. For more info call +1 (416) 771-4879




Clear cedar is rough-sawn cedar that’s finished flat and clean. Reddish-brown swirls and knots make clear cedar an attractive trim material for interior decorating. Furniture makers use clear cedar for Adirondack chairs, tables and other outdoor furniture. Clear cedar sometimes appears on acoustical guitar soundboards. It has a pleasant aroma when cut.

Aromatic cedar produces the trademark scent prized by woodworkers for lining cedar chests, drawers and closets. The aromatic scent repels moths and produces that waft of clean, clear aroma every time you open the door. As a bonus, aromatic cedar holds up well in high-moisture environments such as saunas.