LEB9909 – Cedar Live Edge Wood Board 10 by 96 inches



10″ x 96″ x 1 1/4″


approximately 8.3 B/ft


We can finish this board with your preferred stain and coating for an additional charge. For more info call +1 (416) 771-4879

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Cedar is a variety of wood that is often used in furniture, cabinetry, interior joinery, bridge and house construction, and outdoor furniture. While there are many different types of cedar, all types share some properties.

One of the most frequently used cedars is Western Red Cedar due to its exceptional conductivity, durability, acoustic properties, density, and flame spreading ratio, which means it is resistant to fire.

Of all available softwood species, cedar tends to be one of the best thermal insulators. This is due to its high proportion of air spaces and its low density. When a material has good thermal conductivity, it means that it can keep buildings warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Western Red Cedar especially is superior to steel, concrete, and brick in this respect.

One of the greatest testaments to cedar’s durability is the old artifacts made of cedar that remain in good condition over hundreds of years of wear and tear. Native people of North America who lived on the Pacific coast used the cedar because of its long lasting qualities and used it in many of their buildings. When cedar is maintained and finished, the wood tends to last at least several decades. Cedar also tends to be about 80% as strong as the Oak tree with bacterial and fungal resistance as well. (It also keeps away moths.)